What is Konjac?
Konjac is a plant that has been consumed in South East Asia for thousands of years. The root of the plant is used to make flour, which is then mixed with water and other natural ingredients, and then made into various pasta, noodles and rice shapes.

Does it taste good?
Konjac is becoming very popular around the world, but it has received mixed reviews. Konjac has a very rubbery texture, an odour like seafood, and appears translucent in colour. However, our the CARB ® X Konjac food range is made from a unique recipe called Juroat ® C, which makes the texture and appearance of our foods very much like regular pasta, noodles and rice and without an unpleasant odour.

What makes the CARB X ® Konjac food range ideal for fitness enthusiasts?
How many time have you been in a situation where you are craving a pasta, noodles or rice dish, but you just know you can’t go there because of all those carbs. Sometimes it happens late in the evening or if you are competing or on days where you just don’t need the carbs. With the CARB X [:registered:] Konjac food range, the amount of carbs you are getting is the equivalent of just half an apple. And if you are watching your portions or food prepping, our servings are in 100g pack sizes so you can control what you eat effectively.

How do I store ready meals? Can I freeze them?
You can keep unopened packs in your kitchen cupboard. Foods containing Konjac should not be frozen as this would effect the quality of the food.