About Dru

I am Dru, the youngest of seven; born and raised in the Heath-town area of Wolverhampton. I avoided gang life and prison through my love for music and fitness. I am perhaps best known for being a member of the boy band ‘4Sure’, who reached the X-Factor finals 2006, only to loose out to Leona Lewis.

After supporting artists such as Neyo, Boyz2Men and Brian McKnight to name a few, the group broke up, and I decided to focus on fitness and bodybuilding, with the hope of one day competing at a professional level. In 2016 I become one of the most successful UK Classic Bodybuilder, winning all qualifying events to compete as an IFBB Athlete.

I eat CARB X ® foods myself as a means of keeping the carbs out of my diet when I don’t need it, such as late in the evening or when I am conditioning my body for a competition.